interview: kenneth slawenski "J.D. Salinger"

Just in case you missed it today on The Diane Rehm Show (on NPR), Diane interviewed Kenneth Slawenski who wrote, "Salinger A Life" which will be coming out this month. This interview is wonderful if you are a "Catcher In The Rye" fan. I love Diane Rehm and rarely miss her show so it was doubly wonderful to have her interview this man. At the same time, Kenneth seems to be such a sensitive author/biographer, who was deeply touched by "Catcher". Like so many people, "Catcher" changed my life, it changed my life as far as literature and it also changed it in the sense that I completely taken away Holden and how he questioned the world.

I also read the book again last year when I heard that Mr. Salinger passed away and I had a completely different reaction to the book. I am sure that if I read it again in another ten years I will feel different again, it's why this book is loved by so many people. It will certainly change your life.

It's fascinating to hear more about the history behind the book and more about the mystique behind the man. It answers so many questions that I had and I hope that it does the same for you. I am excited for this book to come out and it's delightful to bring this book to the forefront again.

click here to listen to the interview.