Happy New Year!

photo via my friend Gunn who is in Vietnam at the moment! visit her blog: unmomento nordico

I have to say that while taking my kids to school today I had a bit of a smile on my face... just couldn't wait to get to work! I love the holidays and all that and especially this year since we went to see my family in Minnesota, lots of delicious Swedish goodies, but it feels so good to be back at work!

We have many many exciting things planned for the year ahead, some I can tell you about and some are still a secret! It will be hard to top 2010 as it was a fantastic year, I found out that many of you like to shop for yourselves while shopping for kids and the added womens collections were so much fun to work on and develop. I will be going to NYC in a few weeks to scope out new collections! and then later in the month is a kids show as well... we need to find some new toys (or maybe not!?... you tell me!). I love the new addition of the Jess Brown dolls but I want to find an equivalent for boys... I'm sure we can find something completely unique. We have some new collections coming in Spring that I think you are going to LOVE I am so excited about them, but don't worry we are sticking with ALL of our old favorites!

I have two new interns that will be starting to work with us at the end of January, they are both very talented and I am so happy that they wanted to come and work with Nonchalantmom. Jillian will be on board and working with me on the Nonchalant Kids collection (yes we are going to do another collection!) and Katie will be working with me on the online store, facebook, and twitter and all that new stuff! (so - so excited!!). They are both from the University of Rhode Island and please welcome them!

Many things will stay the same, but we are becoming bigger and stronger as we grow and change and find out more about what is possible for Nonchalantmom! I would love to hear any of your suggestions on what you would like to see from Nonchalantmom - I would welcome your ideas!

Happy New Year to you all and we wish you love, peace and happiness!

love - carina