another ROAD TRIP...

We have just decided to make another road trip this year for our summer vacation... we figure, last year going through Canada and the Great Lakes was great we will try again, this time THE SOUTHWEST!

SO... I am looking to you to give us suggestions on amazing places to stay and things to do and most importantly... WHAT NOT TO MISS! (besides the Grand Canyon of course!)

We are picking up a wonderful Westfalia VW Camper from a small company that I just found... they are called "Leaving Las Vegas" owned by Doug and Bethany Bellamy. What a good idea they had... they have a 'fleet' of 8 campers in which they say are almost always booked! And who wouldn't want to take their Grand Canyon trip in a Westfalia! --well we will tell you all about it when we get back...

So far we have just about nothing planned, except for the camper so we are open to all suggestions!

click here to visit leaving las vegas

this is doug + bethany bellamy!
wish us luck... the trip is in august so when we get back we will tell you all about it...


jill said...

this trip sounds like a blast! my husband's parents bought a campervan and traveled around europe for a year in the 70's with 2 kids in tow. they had a blast, until his mom realized she was pregnant... with my husband!

if you find yourself driving on the i-17 between the grand canyon and phoenix, make sure to stop at rock springs for an amazing slice of pie, in a very western atmosphere that the kids might get a kick out of. i wrote about it here:

also, you may find it hard to imagine that the best pizza of your life would be found in phoenix, but pizzeria bianco is AMAZING, and it's a family run business with an adorable wine bar next door. they've been recognized by so many chefs and critics, too many to name:

marfa could be a cool destination if you plan to make it all the way to texas... the thunderbird motel is super cool, not to mention all the amazing art...

if you like vintage/thrift shopping, salt lake city has some of the best... deseret industries is a beacon!

can't wait to read about your trip - love your blog and website!

Lesley said...

In Season Deli in Tempe, AZ is a great place to eat. You can choose from a selection of salads, they also have tamales and if I remember correctly a few other mexican food items. I lived in Phoenix 6 years ago and still think about the rice pilaf and green salad. It's very casual, eating on the patio, great for kids.


Pita Jungle is another great place to eat with several locations throughout the Phoenix area.


Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa is great and close to Mesa Arts Center.


Also be sure to check out the galleries in downtown Phoenix.

The painted desert in Arizona is really impressive if you have never seen it.

jlie said...

I actually found the Grand Canyon quite dull, lol. I liked Bryce and Zion better. The one place I would never miss and highly do recommend is Arches NatL Park in Moab,Utah- ten times more amazing for the explorer than the Grand Canyon is, anyday. You can to crawl around the entire park (staying on the paths of course)

Stacie Shepp said...

Nice! Looks like it is going to be a super fun trip.

hillary said...

i heartily recommend travelling in a westfalia! i have a 2003 version, and just did a big trip throughout the western states in july ... i just posted some info about it on my blog in case you're interested:
enjoy yourselves!