Kushi Macrobiotic Summer Conference - 2010

I am just back from the conference and it was incredibly moving and inspiring! I have never met such a large group of spirited people, joining a common cause to create One Peaceful World through the Macrobiotic Way. In the coming weeks I will bring you interviews and we will have some guest blogging by some of the amazing Macrobiotic teachers that were at the conference in a variety of areas; Health, Wellness, 9 Star Ki, facial diagnosis and much more! Everyone was excited by the idea of Nonchalant Mom, the fact that we offer tips and ideas on the macrobiotic approach and living in a more natural way.

I would like to start today by giving you a slice of a talk that was given by Michio Kushi at the conference. Michio and his wife Aveline brought Macrobiotics to America and the World in the early 1960's, he studied with George and Lima Oshawa and then forged on to spread the word. Michio is a larger than life man, who's gentle and thoughtful approach is always a moving encounter. He is now 84 yet he spoke each day at the four day conference and riveted us all with his way of distilling his words down to an essential few, yet they mean so much.

Here are Michio's 8 ways to live a healthy and happy life, and as he says, "please write down.."

8 Human Conditions

1) No fatigue - no fatigue for life, no giving up
2) Good appetite - not only for food, but for knowledge
3) Good sleep - not lot's of sleep but good deep sleep
4) Memory - you may not have a very good memory for people or phone numbers but a memory from where you have come and where you go, a good memory of life, large memories.
5) Cheerful and Active living
6) Humor - the expression is a sign of health
7) Do not be Angry - clean your organs and you will not be angry
8) Do not lie - lying means fear - if you don't lie you don't have fear and you are completely secure with yourself.

Spiritual Nature - we are coming into an Era of Humanity - the age of mankind, we are no longer in the age of nations (as we are now and have been in our history).

7 Spiritual Conditions

1) Ignorant - Everyone should understand that we are ignorant. Scientists understand that we don't really know, but when we all understand that we are ignorant it will be the beginning of a spiritual nature.

2) Endless Gratitude - Miraculous achievement came from what we eat - be endlessly grateful to all the Universe, Nature, Plants, Animals and our Ancestors.

3) Responsible - Responsibility for You, your Family, Society, Health, and Freedom. We all must be responsible for these things.

4) Love - what is Love?
 "you may discover a better definition but at 84 this is mine: Love is when you become Nourishment for other peoples life and dream and then die" This kind of love is rare it's like a mothers love.

5) Appreciation for the order of the Universe - yin and yang and acceptance

6) Endless patience - Michio talked about having endless patience when dealing with Macrobiotics and I thought about my kids, either way, endless patience is always a great thing to practice and work on. We all know that feeling when we have the patience to deal with a situation, doesn't that just feel right! (and doesn't it feel good!)

7) Oneness with all people and the Universe - oneness with plants and animals, oneness with the sky and the earth.

It was a great visit and the Conference affirmed my feeling that Macrobiotic cooking is the path to One Peaceful World.

If you want to know more about Michio Kushi you can visit his web page which has his history or you can also visit the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA or visit their website at www.kushiinsititue.org