a bit of 4th of July History...

We got a bit addicted to the mini-series John Adams (on HBO), I think it was about a 7 part series, but what a vast amount of terrific American History. We loved that it looked pretty authentic, with sweaty, unattractive people, making their way through history... The French, portrayed with pounds of white powder on their faces, again, not attractive... But the history was there, REALLY there and I felt like I had learned something when it was finished (full confession; I was NOT a history buff).

The series is now rentable on Netflix and it is truly worth it and would make a terrific 4th of July event! If you don't want to do that... just visit the History channels website, there are multiple videos, quiz and tivia games to help you recall the events of the Fourth. You can even watch Matt Damon read the entire declaration, in case it's too much for you to do it yourself!

And just in case you want to keep the party going... did you know that the actual Declaration was read on the 8th of July!