pacing the panic room - a baby blog

A friend sent me to the blog called "Pacing the Panic Room" a few weeks ago and so I have been checking in regularly and it's a very refreshing blog about a couple who have their first baby together (I believe one has a young child from a previous relationship). They seem like a such a lovely couple! But my favorite came today when I learned about their "Walk to 40 Weeks" it's an absolutely charming walk through their pregnancy! (yes, "he" is a photographer)

I can't figure out how to load the slideshow into my blog so you have to click here to go to Pacing the Panic Room to see it - it's a short and sweet slide show that is really worth it!

Maybe this sparks an idea for you, I think that writing about your time during pregnancy can be one of the most wonderful memories if not the most memorable of your life! There is a bunch of forgetfulness that happens afterwords so I think it's a really good idea to write all this down! (honestly I'm not sure if it's age or pregnancy that accounts for the memory loss though..)

If this just isn't you... to write that often, or keeping a journal, just keep a notebook for each of your kids by your bed and when you can write in each book, include photos if you think about it, just do it!  it's pretty stress free -- you can write when you can! But I am sure that one day it will be a joy for someone to read!

And in the meantime, for inspiration read :: pacing the panic room!

click here to visit Pacing the Panic Room