design sponge posts wonderful kids rooms!

Design Sponge is one of my original favorites, my original inspiration to create a blog. I have fallen out of the habit as of late to visit but today, I found her post of "Sneak Peek: Best of Kids Rooms" and it was so inspiring! After just finishing Sanders room we are going to take the plunge into Franny's small room and these images were so inspiring! There are so many ideas in each of the images so click on the link directly to Design Sponge to see them all!

I hope that these give you as much inspiration is they gave me and just remember to have fun and pour all of your kids ideas into their rooms!

-what's their favorite color?
-do they love photos of themself?
-do they love music?
-make a quilt of patches of their favorite clothing!
-make a space for their favorite stuffed animal!
-it's a good time to go through toys with your kids and give away or donate what is no longer wanted or played with.
-you can change an entire room with a rug! and it doesn't have to be expensive! Ikea rugs are great (and non-toxic) and super cheap (some from $12-18!).
-think about what's next for your kids--is homework coming up? or a magnetic letter board for learning letters?
-try sticking with 1-2 colors to create a calm and cohesive room
-think about NEW colors, like the purple room above! love it!!

This makes a good summer project while kids are at home!

good luck! and remember have FUN!

click here to visit design sponge