outside movies! - No Impact Man

 We went to see an outside movie tonight and it was absolutely beautiful! Here in Rhode Island they are put together this summer by newportFILM - tonight's movie was the second in their series. I'm not sure weather to talk about the OUTSIDE film or the film itself... We really enjoyed both! The event brought us to a wonderful farm that I had never visited before called Sweet Berry Farm, in Middletown RI, and I can't wait to go back! Everyone sat outside - picnic style and had delicious food from Sweet Berry Farm. A great event for kids, although I kept them up a bit late, they were running around and playing soccer with all the kids before the movie started (barefoot in the grass--the best!).

fresh rasberries from the farm

I was spurred on by the film in the first place and then luckily it brought us to this beautiful location. I imagine if you live in New York, No Impact Man is nothing new to you. He seemed to make it through all the talk shows etc. while filming the movie (I don't know how I missed him in NPR!?). But I had not heard a thing about this man and his family who took a journey into NO IMPACT land for one year, in New York City no less. It's not as hard for us mere mortals that live out here in the country to cut down on 'this' or 'that' but the Beavan's had to jump through some extraordinary hoops to get off the grid. It's inspiring to see this family go from zero to 100, no garbage, only eating things within a radius of 30 miles (eating local--in NYC ha!), no public transportation except for the train ride to visit the farms he was getting his food from, it was all a gallant effort and well documented. It will make you want to at least get rid of your own garbage waste but probably more! It wasn't really brought up but by the end they all looked so much more healthy! Their skin was clear and glowing, their eyes are clear, they all look great!

image from No Impact Man
sweet berry farm newportFILM screening of No Impact Man

Good movie, GREAT night! Beautiful location!

visit newportFILM for more information on the film and other films that will be going on this summer and ongoing throughout the year.

click here to visit Sweet Berry Farm