chalkboard paint - IN COLOR!

 I swear I have the best customers of all! I learn so much from them, and one of my favorite stories is about Jill who has a store called Tivoli Mercantile in Red Hook, New York. She contacted me about Lucky Fish, and then told me about her store... I wrote back and told her I had been to Red Hook and that I had a favorite store there called Basic French... she wrote back and said, Basic French moved back to France and My store, Tivoli Mercantile is in that same space! whoa!! can you believe that!?

Then she went on to tell me about the paint her husband has started called Hudson Paint, it's chalkboard paint in C O L O R S! wonderful! I thought, and I knew this information would come in handy for me one day, and it DID! Last week we painted our sons room in Mercantile Red from the Hudson Paint collection and it looks GREAT! For years his room has been a giant dumping ground for toys... and that's about it. Even when Domino came here for their photo shoot they said, "ahh, Ummm, I don't think we have time to shoot your sons room" --and honestly, I hardly wanted to show it to them for fear it would break the whole deal! What kind of parents would let their sons room turn into a toy box... We did! ..But know, we've changed all that!

While my husband was away, we 'snuck' in and changed it all up! The kids helped to paint, and we had a great time!! (let them paint as much as they want on the base coats, and then by the time it comes to do the final coat you will be working on it yourself!). Then we put together a cute desk for Sander (again, with the help of the kids) to do his homework... and now... the room is ready for a our son to be very proud of his room and he loves it! He loves the desk and he just loves hanging out in there now!

helpful hints:

-Hudson Paint - click here to visit their website - $24/quart (it took 2 quarts)
-furniture - Ikea desk ($79 for desk + shelves)
-rug - Crate and Barrel (I have no idea we have had it for years!)
total cost of renovation = $127