Boston - Louis Boston!

Last week we found ourselves in Boston, we went to go to pick up my husband coming home from Art Basel in Switzerland. The idea was to go to the Childrens Museum, have dinner and then pick him up at the Boston Airport. Impeded a bit by traffic we arrived at the Childrens Museum and it was closed... shoot! So we took a walk along the waterfront, and just outside the museum is where the Boston Tea Party happened so we went over a bit of history there, and the kids loved the idea of the Tea dumping in the waterfront.

Boston has recently finished a huge refurbishment of the waterfront area and it looks beautiful! The walkway, a small garden, and a few sculptures. It happened to be a super hot day so we were looking for some shade and we found it at the brand spanking new Louis Boston (although I think they are dropping the 'Boston' part of their name)! The restaurant had opened the week before so we were there just in time! We had a perfectly lovely waterfront dinner - breeze nicely flowing through big open windows - and a perfectly timed Sailboat race going on in the bay! Perfection! It was a great place for the kids to stay entertained by just everything outside and it was a cooling lovely dinner!

Next time you are in Boston at the Childrens Museum, just walk across a couple of parking lots (towards the water!) and check out the new Louis Boston store, it was delightful, and the shopping isn't bad either! The restaurant - Sams - has great food and easy for kids!

click here to view website - Louis Boston
for the restaurant - Sams - click here