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 I know a few people who are in the same place as we are... just trying to find out more information on our destinations.. we are excited to go, but no time to prepare except for this lonely midnight time online... desperately searching for information that we can trust, AND if you are like me, some good images.

I just wanted to take a moment to share some of the places that I have found some terrific information that I know I can count on!

remember Cookie? well their travel information is still available online! still filled with great tips in food joints that are fun and happy! (no fast food here...) along with hotels and great attractions.

click here for Cookie archives


The New York Times - I regularly read the travel section and they come up with some good ones, plus, since they publish each week, you can bet they have covered your destination at least a few times. Their Travel Guides are full of useful information.

click here for NYT travel section online

Indagare is a website that I was turned onto and it has provided me with some amazing exclusive information! I like to include their 'high-brow' tips together with simple ideas. On our last trip to Paris, Indagare suggested we use Alacarte for renting an apartment (fantastic!), perfect restaurants (love it when there are photos!), and great shopping (Merci!) - you have to pay for a subscription but if you quickly peruse the site you can get some good information before they cut you off... otherwise, go in with a friend for a subscription? just a thought?

click here for Indagare

Travels with Clara - this terrific blog by Yolanda Edwards (remember from Cookie!) will always make you find something, even out of nothing! She lives in NYC and frequently writes about some great/simple things to do in the city that make you want to get up and go! Plus her husband is a travel photographer, so her images... well, you can't beat them! She also lists each destination she writes about so there is a quick reference by scrolling down the right hand side.

click here for Travels with Clara

Design Sponge

Design Sponge! she has great information on what to do in each city. Her travel guides are written by locals, so they feel very intelligent and you get the feeling that you may be on the inside track! Perfect right!

click here to visit Design Sponge - city guide section

These are may favorites for now... but share yours if you have them!

Good Luck and happy travels!