zesty citrus kale salad

Our local Co-op has an amazing, albeit small, selection of prepared foods. It's just perfect, three soups, a few sandwiches and then, the other day, this wonderful salad showed up!! I just can't get enough of it and I thought it might make a good salad for Thanksgiving so I thought I would share it with you.


the only problem is I don't have the specific recipe! I have not had time to try it so I am leaving it up to you!! If you nail it... please comment!! It's a perfect blend of sweet/tart/spice (just a tad) and green! I LOVE THIS!

Here are the ingredients:
grapefruit (peeled and cut into pieces), orange (peeled and cut into pieces), kale (at least one bunch!), red onion, sunflower seeds, red pepper flakes, orange juice, coconut vinegar, agave nectar, lime juice.

She did say it's a BIG bunch of kale, hint which 'cook's' down in the lime juice (not 'cooked' but the lime cooks it) it's all totally fresh and not cooked at all! and just a hint of the pepper flakes, orange juice (most of the juice comes from the grapefruit and orange pieces) - and the leftover juice when you are done at the bottom of your bowl... yummy!