jennie menke - garden wrap up...

My little garden doesn't come close matching up with my friend Jennie Menke's 'FARM', she calls it a garden but I call it a FARM by my standards! In her most recent post she came up with some terrific information on closing up your garden, planting garlic, and using every bit of your apples for juice, jam and apple sauce!

here is her task list:
(excerpt taken from her blog - click here to read all)

What amazes me to no end is that the final tasks never actually seem to end. I’ve been doing these final tasks for what seems likes weeks now and I’m still not done!
  • Harvest the apples
  • Dig the carrots
  • Cut the raspberries
  • Harvest the kale almost done!
  • Dig the beets
  • Finish transplanting the herbs almost done! Just found 2 more…
  • Put the tools away
  • Clean up the pumpkin beds
  • Burn the diseased tomato plants
  • Cook and freeze the kale
  • Make applesauce and apple jelly
  • Make pies didn’t make pies. just froze the apples with sugar to make into pies.

I’m probably missing stuff. But even then, as you can see, I’m not nearly done. Harvesting the kale, it should be noted, is about a six hour job, since I strip the stems out of the leaves before I cook it. I tried leaving the buggers in last year, but they seriously depleted our eating enjoyment. So I listen to my book on tape, hunched over a bucket for hours while my shoulders tense up and I cut the leaves from the center stems. I have one more pile to stem before cooking it all and freezing.

God, do I wish I still lived in Minnesota to share in her bounty!! On my last visit to the great state she gave me a bag of her fantastic Asparagus and I can't even tell you how delicious...
so if you are a gardener... read her blog for inspiration, and if you DON'T have a garden, don't get scared by this list... believe me, my garden doesn't do ANY of this, but you reap what you sow... right!

Thank you Jennie for all of your great blogs!
click here to visit her blog and see the entire story!