alphabet pillow

set of 3 vintage hankies hand printed with dandilion
When I find things like this lovely site pi'lo I just want to chuck it all and go to Toronto and work with Heather Shaw. She makes these sweet little things that yes, you can live without, but do you want to? n-n-o-o-o. She has a white on white kind of asthetic, and it's so soothing and beautiful that it's impossible not to look through everything once you have started, you just want to see what it's all about!

handmade quilt

I was lucky enough to find her website today and it just started my day off right. Somehow I felt grounded. Her photographs make her wonderful little things delight in elegance. She says "Everything in this collection is hand made by myself and the wonderful women who sometimes help me. We work out of a coach house studio behind my Victorian house in the heart of downtown Toronto. It is a very calm and soothing space with natural light and plenty of inspiration." see!! don't you just want to go and work with her!

car bingo game

Don't miss her lovely things, I think that they would make terrific holiday gifts that are very special and can become a family treasure. One of my favorites is the car bingo game! But I do love it all....

vintage nurses apron by pi'lo

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