feeling a little bit FULL!? - Rice Cream to the rescue!

rice cream with adzuki bean purée

For the last three weeks I have been running an experiment, I make rice cream on sunday and then eat it until Wednesday for breakfast and then drink the rice milk as a tea in the morning and at night before I go to bed. Its fantastic and I think it will feel great after the big Thanksgiving feast! (can't wait to make it!). It's pretty easy but you should stock up on your favorite grains, at the moment I am making it with brown rice and millet, which I love... Millet is a great grain for the wintertime, it holds energy for a long time and for me, it keeps me warm.

The recipe is easy:

Rice Cream

3/4 cup - organic brown rice
3/4 cup - organic millet
1 piece of kombu seaweed
3 umeboshi plums
spring water or good filtered water

clean grains and cook ingredients together for 5 hours on super low flame, use a flame tamer if you have one (this way you won't have anything sticking to the bottom). Skim rice milk off the top and drink as tea with a bit of water and 2-3 grains of salt. Eat the rice cream in the morning together with either steamed carrots or kale topped with sunflower seeds or whatever you like. I also like to top it with Adzuki beans simply cooked in water with a piece of kombu, then I put them through a food mill (you must have one lying around from your baby days) or you can food process them. I like a big bowl of rice cream and then a dollup of adzuki beans (pictured above) or steamed vegetables.

I know that this may sound like a process but the second or third time you do it it will just become easy for you and believe me you will have energy and feel great! Clear eyes, tons of energy and if you want to give up coffee this is a good time as you will probably have no craving for it?! (well at least I didn't!)

Good luck and I hope that this recipe makes you feel great!

rice cream after 5 hours of cooking