OMG! - martha stewarts family room!

Nonchalant Mom is listed as a FAVORITE BLOG on the Martha Stewart :: Living in the Family Room Blog!! I can hardly believe it... who do I thank... can I call Martha!! I guess I have had my moments when I have gushed over her, her recipes, her crafts, her gardening tips... you name it! She is one inspiring lady, so I am happy that she finds inspiration in Nonchalant Mom! Hooray!!

The above photo is one of my favorite things to do and thank you ladies from Martha Stewart for reminding me to do this with my kids! I like to take these leaves and write the date on them with a sharpie and send them out to friends (especially those who live in NYC and do have a yard full of them!!), or use them as placeholders at the Thanksgiving table, and much more! ...OH, I'm even starting to SOUND like Martha now...

Thank you Martha Stewart people!! I love you too!

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