well, well, well... Nonchalant Dads cat is out of the bag...

About four years ago I was suddenly very surprised at my husbands cooking. Hhhmmmm... I thought, suddenly he can cook these very tasty meals seemingly out of nowhere! Had he been watching the Food Channel late at night when nobody was watching? Which program is he getting this direction on  delicious spices that he is using? Then a friend gave us a big jar of tumeric, I was sure that this was the secret ingredient, it did always taste a bit the same but always delicious and a very good blend of spices. But now when I look at that jar, there is still almost full! He became particularly good at meats, sauces, pastas, etc... I just couldn't figure it out. Then I read yesterdays blog... All this time, I have been asking how he did it, which cooking program he is watching, where is he getting his recipes, as he just says nothing... yes, his use of words is very good, I was certainly 'confounded'!

Previous to this his skills consisted of this horrible saucy pasta dish that he was very proud of but tasted horrible, we have not had that pasta in years. Now I understand it is since he has had the revelation that you can buy something in a can and serve it with anything left over in the fridge, add some veggies and some protein and as he says Viola! Now I know why he insists on grocery shopping at least once in a while and why he never seems to use a recipe! Just looking in the fridge and pantry I found these two sauces: Seeds of Change - organic Korma and Maya Kaimal coconut curry... ah HA!! Caught red handed! (don't ask me why I never really noticed them before!?)

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can't wait to see what we get next! I am going to insist that he open up his program... do some work and learn a few REAL recipes!

Full disclosure, he does make a very amazing Carbonara -- authentically good, no cheating! I've watched him!