15% off select womens collection until Friday!

matta: surabhi jishnu silk dress

Holiday parties looming.. and what do I wear!? I don't know about you I was trying to figure that out... so I thought that I would help you out a bit with a SALE this week on selected womenswear. I chose some of my favorite labels, Matta, Layla and Erica Tanov and offering them at 15% off until Friday, November 12th, 2010! Use code 'women' during checkout to see your discount.

Just some suggestions would be:

layla: silk ajanta top - navy w/gold print

My favorite top the silk adjanta top - this looks elegant and beautiful ALWAYS! I wear mine to parties and just feel confident as ever! Plus just a tad super-cool because it's so beautiful, the navy blue is the most deep and radiant color and it lights up with the gold print... and here are just a few more suggestions...

Layla: Raj top dark grey with black print
The Raj top has a very elegant back side (below) which I love, a bit of sleek embroidery and it makes the top fit like a glove! You won't believe it! (why NOT look as good from the back as from the front at a party!?)
back side of Layla: Raj top dark grey with black print

Layla: Fareehah dress - navy w/gold print
And just in case you want to stop everyone in the room - I believe you would be either called a Leo or a showstopper!? - you could wear the Fareehah dress, it's georgous, it's gold printed navy cotton, so it does have a feeling of being 'grounded' and not over the top, and casual pockets, I would call this casual elegance!

Matta: raika silk dress/skirt - silver or black

If you are into versatility the Raika dress/skirt is perfectly, perfect! It looks lovely both ways and can look elegant in many, as a skirt or a dress with boots or black tights and high heels... it's all simply easy to look great! The dupatta shawl in white is a wonderful way to add a bit of drama to just about anything (it also comes in navy which is MY favorite...)

Erica Tanov: pink diamond pattern shawl & alpaca belted vest

Erica Tanov: all in one (pink or yellow) it can be a necklace, belt or whatever!
Erica Tanov has a few goodies for us with a pop of color with the feather all-in-one these are great to add to anything you already have to make it fun and special. I love the around the neck for color but they are also great at a belt! and the pink diamond pattern shawl, this will live in your wardrobe all season long with everything! Just that perfect piece to make you feel luxurious - every day!

So you see, we have you covered and remember you can have it all this week 15% off! Use code: women during check out and recieve your discount. Remember sale ends Friday, November 12th 2010. Happy partying!!

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