call me a traitor but it's for a good cause... does that help!?

Yes, I love this car! I am a bit of a car monkey and my son and I are always driving down the road saying... "OH! that's my car!" to which he says... "NO, that's MY car" (usually it's a Hummer or something awful like that... ). Well there was something that I loved about the Tommy Hilfiger advertising campaign, and I decided it was the CAR!

Today, I found that Mr. Hilfiger has donated said car to a charity auction that is being held by WWD, apparently WWD has their 100th anniversary this year so they have a charity auction going on and MY CAR is in it!! Gosh if I only had that extra $35,000 lying around.. I could have it! and for a good cause no less... I don't care that all the logos are all over it... but check out the interior, it's looking pretty sweet!

...and it's for a good cause....
tempting to anyone (click here to find out more about this car)....

click here to visit 'Charity Buzz' where you can bid on anything you like!?
(and the car for me if you like...!!!)