what a chic co-sleeper

I am not sure if this has made the rounds on blogs but I thought this was one of the most well designed co-sleepers I have ever seen. It's so simple and looks so easy to use, when we had our kids they were so bulky and impossible to open it for our first son that we then got rid of it for fear of trying to open it again. In my honest opinion, having experienced both with and without a co-sleeper, this is a pretty un-necessary item, if your kids are in your bed with you why not just have them in the bed? But if you or your partner are heavy sleepers this is just the answer.

Just as I always say not to use a diaper bag (just buy the most chic bag that you have always wanted... now is your excuse!), I would say that these things are a little over-rated. BUT I would suggest to get yourself a king size bed! You will ALWAYS appreciate this... and I would also suggest a Hästens bed, they are totally natural, hand made and they have even developed their own fire retardant system (this is what really makes most beds horrible). The Hästens fire retardant is based on salt! I love that! ...okay, yes they are expensive but as they say you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, why not make it the best night sleep ever!

Whatever you choose just sleep well... it's important, you will get so little of it with kids that you will cherish every second!