cold saver!

Each season has it's colds and each year has it's variations of cold and flu. This year has been particularly easy on our family and we have pulled through the entire winter season without any trouble. I think that this was due, in part, to a few regimens we have used:

1) salt water baths
2) gargling with salt water every night
3) cleaning out our nostrils with salt water (we use a cotton swab for the kids and a netty pot for ourselves)

Further to this I found Dr. Hauschka Berberis Nose Balm. This is a life-saver product! It's great for travel to soothe your nostrils and it also acts as an astringent due to the Berberis. If I even have the slightest feeling that a cold is coming on I use the creme at night and I feel better by the morning.

The whole family uses it... it's hilarious watching the kids put it in their noses! But believe me it works! and it's gentle enough that you can use it every day if you like the feeling.

You can buy it at the Dr. Hauschka website by clicking here.

Good Luck and share your healing tips for this winter with us!! Make a comment and I would love to hear what you have to say!


becky said...

this looks great stuff especially for this time of the year. I have been using dr hauschka face care for years and never knew that they did such remedies. Can you get them in Europe or the UK?

nonchalant mom said...

yes, Becky! you can get Dr. Hauscka in Europe, it's a German company. It's actually much more popular in Europe.

lupe said...

hi, i´m from Argentina and thank´s for your useful tips.
I start to use salt in the water bath for my son 4 years and daughter 11 months old.
here they sell a natural salt from the Andes, called sal andina and other called rose salt from the Pakistan himalayas , is the same as the sea salt? what do you reccomend

nonchalant mom said...

hello lupe!
I would use the most 'clean' salt and I would say that Andes salt would be better (but you would know better than me about that)... good luck! and happy to hear that you are trying our suggestions! - carina