valentines day cards

Yes I am always doing things in the last minute... it's just the way it goes! I thought about writing this email weeks ago and making cards... even templates for YOU so you could make them yourself.

You will be glad to know that I got as far as making the cards, TONIGHT! My kids have their card exchange tomorrow! So in something a-kin to a late night cramming session we assembled all the tools and made our cards, the kids stayed up (happily I might add) until 9pm gluing, writing, stuffing and stickering but they are done!

So here is how you do it...
Step 1 - take a cute picture - or in our case we got a little silly and made sure the dog was involved in all of them!
Step 2 - use an editing tool and add words - I use 'indesign' because I love it! Last year we used little messages "I'm sending you a big kiss" or things like that... this year the kids wanted the basic - "be my valentine", etc...

Step 3 - go through all of your crafty drawers and pull out anything red or pink! we came up with colored paper and stickers and pink tape, so we cut out big hearts and then glued the photos onto them (we stick them under a big book for a few hours so they get really flat)

Step 4 - write your "to's" and "from's" and honestly we would have made some drawings if we had more time.
Step 5 - this year my son wanted to give out pencils so we made little bags with the card, a pencil, and an eraser and then a heart sticker on the outside.

Good luck on your cards and remember... anything hand made is good!! better if it's not perfect... and have some laughs while doing it!

Next year I promise to make some kind of templates... just like martha stewart! ha!