valentines day gift ideas

I know it's getting down to the wire but if you are anything like me you are JUST NOW starting to think about it... VALENTINES DAY! I really love this holiday and in the next couple of days I will show you how to make some great cards with your kids, they are easy, personal and fun! (but first we have to make ours so I can photograph them.. ha!)

For now, I wanted to share some sweet little gifts that we have to offer for this fun-loving pink day! I just returned from Paris where everything was PINK (more on this later..) so I was very inspired to make this Valentines day **super pink**. We don't really get into the huge commercialism of the day (okay, maybe I do encourage my husband to pick up something a bit special for me...) But I do think it's fun to make the day 'stand out' from the rest by doing lot's of pink things, pink candy & cookies, and little gifts here and there... So here is the best of my all things PINK...

Some favorites from Nonchalant Mom include any gifts from the wonderful Atsuyo et Akiko! They practically live for Valentines day with all of their PINK sweet tiny and fun gifts and accessories so visit their page for lots of ideas (prices range from $16-$68)!

I **love** to give these cute little necklaces (Atsuyo et Akiko) to friends and my kids friends, and they are perfect for teenagers.. they say either 'J'adore' or 'mon ami' on them, they look cute with an assortment of necklaces because they are on a soft suede strap (and can be adjusted to be a choker or long 32" necklace).

Matta makes these corazon (heart) friendship necklaces which make great gifts for friends and loved ones alike! They are a simple tin 'corazon' on a bright pink string with a piece of bright pink yarn, simply great! ($12).

Or maybe if you are looking for yourself you can find a nice pink shirt from Matta! I don't know how they do it but Matta always makes lots of PINK things which I LOVE and always include in my selection (how can I resist really!). (styling here by Franny)

From MakiƩ we have these little TUTU necklaces! (or a pink dress... maybe??) So cute for that little ballet girl in all of us... these are for small heads, simply a piece of ribbon and little tutu and shiny little paillettes of moon and dots! ($10).


I love Indu lotion as a gift.. it lasts more than the day (as in a box of chocolates) and each time you put it on you have the sensual pleasure of the lavender! love it!! (try it for $8.1 oz. or live with it for months for $24/8 oz.)

One of the most unique gifts you can ask for is a one-of-a-kind necklace from Studio Deseo. Aleishall Girard Maxon created these special pieces just for Nonchalant Mom and I love each and every one of them-although there are only 4 left!! Don't miss them because I don't know when I will be able to get her to make more for us! You will feel your unique beauty each time you wear them!

A Margaret Solow will never let you down as a very special piece that makes you 'feel' good all the time! (and for kids she makes the 'kids zen gems' pictured below just for Nonchalant Mom). She also makes the lovely wabi sabi necklaces--wabi sabi is the the 'beauty in all things imperfect' and I love that!! ($48-$150)

Whatever you do for VALENTINES DAY make sure it's fun, makes you smile and Laugh! It's about time!

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