ideas from Moomah for Valentines day

I know that more than a few of you are waiting for my ideas on valentines day cards and yes... I am late again, working on them today and should have something for you later on...


In the meantime, check out the ideas that Moomah has!! I love them all... I introduced you to Moomah a few months ago (click here to see blog) but for Valentines day they have some really sweet and unique things to offer (and they are OPEN today!!), I just wish I could jump in with my kids and make a few things with them!

So just in case you are at home, sitting out the storm.. .here are some ideas from moomah for valentines day! (prices for the projects range from $12-$20) or you can make your own at home inspired by moomah! - just run outside and get some branches, rocks, leaves and whatever your kids can find and put together a shadow box or use felt to make hearts... lot's of ideas!

or click here to see my blog from last year on valentines day cards, this years offering is much the same... (I really love them!)