a better way to throw a birthday party

I recently came upon a website that may be just what you are looking for, two moms started a website called ECHOage, which is a service that will help you throw your childs birthday party in a socially conscious way! Teaching your kids to give back while they are receiving (and what kid couldn't use that lesson!).

Here's how it works: Instead of bringing wrapped and packaged presents, guests simply rsvp and make secure online contributions that are pooled together. Half goes to purchase ONE memorable gift for the child and half is donated to ONE meaningful cause of the child's choice. ECHOage arranges everything, so no need for guests to drive, shop, wrap or even pick up the phone to make a donation. I like that the
Charities involved include EarthCorps, Nourish America, or Girls Inc., etc, etc. I think that some people struggle with sending contributions away when there is a need for it here at home, ECHOage offers a large group of ideas for contributing that makes it very easy for you and your child to decide who to help.

They take care of everything for you, the invite, the rsvp the save the date, the reminder (if you want one) etc... so all you have to worry about is throwing the party!

It's all very easy and they will tell you upfront that they take 15% of the fees for their service, they don't do any advertising or sharing of information so this is strictly their fee for running the business.

visit ECHOage here for more information