some of my favorite things....

It's been awhile since I offered you a 'favorite things' post so upon my return from Paris I thought that I would share some of my new favorites, some of them are yes, old but after my trip I realized that I still love them, even amongst the new Spring 2010 collections that we saw. There is forthcoming a more complete Paris guide coming to you soon in my new format... Nonchalant Mom Magazine (it doesn't have a better name than this yet... but it's coming soon... working on it!)

Nonchalant Mom favorites

Preparing for this trip I was under the impression that Europe was freezing, but then when I arrived it had ALAS cleared up for me and was beautiful (thank you 'the secret!'). So when I arrived in my super warm jacket I was too hot... where to go?? UNIQLO - I grabbed myself a new +J poofy jacket (but not too poofy, more of a Spring jacket) - my favorite happened to be this mens' style, but there are womens versions as well that are very nice. (the +J collection was designed by none other than Jil Sander - it's as if she went into her closet and handed her favorite pieces over to Uniqlo to produce... perfection!)

click here to shop Uniqlo or visit the store in NYC (in Soho)

I can't imagine going to Paris and not stopping into Hervé Chapelier - always colorful (or the perfect non-colors as well! grey, white and brown), I fell in love with their pink! perfectly bright and warm. My favorite bag is the handbag made of grain coated canvas, they are perfectly indestructible! And this blue one... amazing! Not the latest fashion and not exactly trendy, just practical and I love that!

Unfortunately, they do not have a store here in the USA but you can shop them directly online here... or the next person to go to Paris, just slip a photo in their pockets (and some green!).

Perfume! What is better to bring back from Paris than perfume! When in Europe I am a pharmacy junky (why don't we have these truly amazing places here?? where knowledgeable women, sometimes men, dish out practical healing tips that don't always involve big pharmaceuticals. Most of the time it's a natural remedy that is suggested). If you know me, you know that I am a Bachs Flower Remedy pusher but did you know that they now have a perfume!? Most likely not because it's not available here... (but I did see it on ebay) The perfume not only smells amazingly lovely but it is described by them this way:

This beautifully blended perfume brings a feeling of well-being, balance and harmony, thanks to its exclusive blend of organic Bach Flower essences:

- Top notes: Vervain and Clematis,
- Heart notes: Wild Rose and Honeysuckle,
- Base notes: Pine, Oak and Crab Apple.

The uplifting, fresh and relaxing scent of Présence(s) de Bach promotes feelings of inner reconciliation and improved communication with those around you. You will enjoy a renewed and positive outlook on your environment, leading to calm and inner peace.

There are two scents: Présences de Bach or Vivacité de Bach - and I can hardly wait to put it on each morning!

You can buy them here from England..

In preparation for the trip I knew I had to have perfectly chic walking shoes, especially since my friend Gunn said "let's just WALK everwhere" and that we did! I am not a heels kind of lady, but I promise you that everyone else in Paris is!! How do they do that!? They all look so chic and here I am in desert boots... but they just happen to be gold! this helps! (I think?) from J Crew.. what can I say, I'm a 'Crew-ite'.

Other than these items I brought back croissants for the family (just a bit smashed), a few things for the kids (wait for it all in my new magazine!), and an amazing circulation remedy that I wish was available here. More than hours spent at Céline we spent hours at the local health food store! Reading labels, looking at graphics and talking to the shop-girls and getting tips! So much more fun!

And oh, not to forget the FOOD... that will come... just you wait!!