new york fashion week!

New York fashion week is one week past, but the smaller show that I go to was just last weekend, Designers & Agents. I am not always able to make the show but we have a special guest at our home this week (Nana) and so I had a bit of freedom! Sneeking away to New York just for the night is one of my favorite "inspirations" and yes, I hit the same-old haunts that were on my NYC tour a few posts ago... all of them delicious and inspiring (I will use this word a lot in this post).

For one thing, I realized that when I wrote about my NYC tour I totally forgot to write about A Détacher... truly a favorite and I suppose I practically worship the store and her collection. I honestly don't think I would have even desired to open a store, and then I walked into A Détacher, it is the store and clothing collection of Mona Kowalska. It's not open all the time (we have something in common there) so you have to catch her at the right time, but honestly just peering in the window you can fill your desire for the day (or month!). On my visit this weekend I was inspired by everything! Thank you Mona! (she actually sold my necklaces at one time, after I sold them to her I walked out with the biggest smile on my face... content for the longest time that I had made something beautiful if Mona liked it! ...and I quickly called all my friends and bragged to them!).

Inspiration #1 - A Détacher! (means: to be detached) 262 Mott St. (Nolita) You can click here to watch her Fall 2010 fashion show! WOW!

Inspiration #2 - Layla - her Spring 2010 collection will be in Nonchalant Mom very soon, mid-March I think, it's beautiful and I can't wait. This weekend we were looking at Fall/Winter 2010 - beautiful, unique and navy blue (my favorite!!) you are going to LOVE it. (I'm sorry but I forgot to take photos!)

Inspiration #3 - Erica Tanov - I couldn't sleep because of this collection... I love it and she had some crazy pieces... you will have to wait until Fall (September) to see them in my store (or hers on Elizabeth Street)... !! exciting! (like this ostrich feather hat!!)

Inspiration #4 - Wubet - I met the man behind this collection at the D&A show and I just love him! The talented Mr. Arnold Haas and his exquisite scarves are my favorite! I just loved them and I can't live without them. So if they are not part of my Spring offering (he is checking to see if he can send me some) they will CERTAINLY be a part of my Fall 2010 selection! I am so happy that I have my store so that I can share them with you. You will learn more about him and his beautiful pieces soon, but you can click her to visit his website (don't miss the movie on his website! wow!)

I also met with my friend Carmen Keck, who will design sweaters for my Nonchalant Kids collection Fall/Winter 2010 (I'm so excited) she worked with me before to make the 1969 vests which I love! And I am so happy that she will work with me again.

NYC can be so perfect, it was warm and sunny, I walked everywhere and dined at Dressler in Brooklyn with my friend Claire Shegog, who is an expert wallpaper hanger (who loves her work and is crazy about wallpaper!). Claire painted our home in Rhode Island inside and out, so she lived with us for quite awhile and I love her! (and her painting skills happen to be high on my love-list as well!). It couldn't have been a better trip!