un momento nordico - Gunn Johansson

I convinced my friend Gunn to start a blog, she has just a few posts so far but I really like what she is writing.. is this because she is one of my best friends!? yes and no.. I think it's because I like the way that she writes and I ALWAYS like to hear what is going on with her and what she has to say. You will find that we have a few tips in common as I have learned most of my macrobiotics from her when I lived in Italy and worked with her for quite a few years!

Gunn has a store in Biella, Italy -- which she won't let me write about until her store goes online, it's a continuous work in progress but I have high hopes to see it very soon (click here for the 'coming soon' page) -- which she appropriately calls Un Momento Nordico, an Italian name for a Swedish mentality, which is what she will be bringing to you in a fascinatingly beautiful way.. you just wait!

Gunn has a million things going on at once, and she is good at that as she daily speaks three languages to various people in her family, store, and at work... don't ask me how she keeps it straight (with a good sense of humor!). She always has a few design projects going, her store and then a line of completely natural and organic body products (stay tuned...) and there is more... four dogs keep her busy with new puppies that just arrived! It's all in a days work for Gunn...

Oh, and did I mention she lives in the mountains of Italy in a crazily rustic home that is continually changing as she evolves... I tell you it's hard to keep up with her, I know!! Whenever I have a moment that I want to relax I wonder if Gunn would ever be relaxing and then I realize... NO! ... get to work!

For now, just enjoy her words and her projects will slowly come out when her 'momento' arrives...

click here to visit Gunn's blog - Un Momento Nordico