verre - glass initial charms

My friends Julie and Jess at Verre (as in French for 'glass') have created this terrific sly on the initial necklaces that have consumed everyone, including me! We were talking one day and I asked if she could come up with a away to do the initials that was the Verre version... and POW! did they... I love the way these pieces look (and feel) and together with other charms they are simply.. charming!

We decided it would be fun to make them look like candy! I like to mix the classic colors gray or white together with crazy pinks, greens and reds! The result is perfect... We edited a small color card just for Nonchalant Mom and introduced them last week and you obviously loved them so we are extending the final Christmas ship date to this Friday, December 17th (but you need to request 2-day delivery!). But we will always have them on Nonchalant Mom (and exclusively at Nonchalant Mom I might add!) and I will not let them go!

It's fun to mix the size of the charms and also the opaque and clear glass colors! You can come up with your own fun variation -- I chose my kids favorite colors and they loved that...

Verre wraps them all up in a beautiful glass jar - Verre - let them wear glass! - which I think is such beautiful packaging.

Visit their page on Nonchalant Mom here