maine shrimp! just arrived!

Beautiful Maine shrimp arrived on Monday of this week and they look so fresh and beautiful that we got some right away! Maine shrimp is nice and small, it's great for kids and you can fix it in just about any way and they are delicious. I don't like to buy shrimp for the family because it's usually from so far away, never mind the conditions they were caught under, but the trip all the way to your table is too far!

Here is our favorite recipe for shrimp, and you can serve them in so many different ways....

clean and de-vein shrimp
chop garlic to your liking (we use about 3-5 cloves)
saute garlic lightly in olive oil and add shrimp and cook until opaque
turn off flame and squeeze the juice of half a lemon onto shrimp and toss
there will be a lovely sauce that you use to pour over everything
a bit of salt and pepper

serve with brown rice and broccoli or kale
serve on top of arugula and it makes a nice warm salad!
serve with pasta and broccoli

drizzle with olive oil! yum!!

what are your recipes!? please share with us!!
but run out to Whole Foods (or where ever you get your fresh fish!) and get your FRESH MAINE SHRIMP!