nonchalant mom window

Somehow I never take care of my window on main street here in our little town of Wakefield, RI -- but last night was 'ladies night' (so much fun!) and so I figured it was time to make something festive. Besides, I have been looking for a place to hang this wonderful 'orbit chandelier' by Patrick Townsend (which you can purchase at nonchalant mom now.. ha!) which I have been in love with for years now and finally just dove in and got them for the store!

My kids and I cut out the stars from old boxes (you know I have a bunch of those!) and spray painted them silver... I think these would look super cute in any window of your house as well. We were inspired by all of the starry, starry nights we have been having -- clear skies, big moon and lots and lots of stars! And then we just filled it with our favorite kids clothes! and ah... the Orbit Chandelier!