lonny december issue online now!

I just perused the December issue of the new Lonny magazine and it's just as inspiring as the first issue, and with their targeted fun gift guides they are even better. This issue includes the homes of some young and exciting interior designers and their work that will inspire you! I fell in love with all of the hues of camel and sand in some of the homes, together with white it looks so new and clean, I really loved it. Although our home has a lot of color I am sure there is a way that I can use these colors in our house.

It took me awhile to figure out what Lonny actually stood for, kind of a crazy name for a magazine, but it's a combination of London and New York. Although in this issue they should call it Panny as most of the homes featured are in Paris (but I'm not complaining!). A well appointed Paris apartment has always been inspiring for me, the mix of old and modern in a very casual way, I think that this feeling can be brought into any home style, be it a Country home, a Cape or even a New York apartment.I think a visit to Haus Interior would certainly help!

I hope that this issue of Lonny leaves you with some fun ideas to make some changes in your home, it sure did for me! And did I mention that I would love to have Brad Ford come and take a look at my house and give me so hhheeeLLLPP! (on my decor that is...). The issue looks a lot like Domino, and I would have to say I like it... but you be the judge and YES there is Nonchalant Mom with a little ad... love it!!

click here to see Lonny online