Somehow with all of the hustle and bustle I have totally forgotten to blog! It just slipped my mind... We made our yearly pilgrimage to NYC with the kids for Christmas last weekend, we like to do the Tree in Rockefeller Plaza, drive through times square and all the lights, go to Balthazar and have breakfast, and charge around Soho with all the shoppers and stop in and have hot chocolate. This year we had the added boost of the winter storm that blew through and dumped about 14 inches of snow! My husband and I were determined to go out in the snow for a dinner together just the two of us, even though there was a giant storm (we were covered with snow!) we ended up trampling around to three places before we were able to find a restaurant with a table, we had a lovely night at Cafe Cluny. We had a beautiful dinner while we watched the blizzard outside... it was perfection!

The next morning, it was so exciting, my son and I took the dog out at 7am (no other New Yorker was out except a few other dog walkers) and it was a pure white New York City, really a treat! We ran around and had a great time, when we went out again at 9am it was already mayhem with cars stuck at lights and the white snow had already turned a bit brown and slushy... it was a winter wonderland while it lasted!

We got together with my favorite friends, the women of Kit+Lili and Jann from Lucky Fish...the kids were amazed by the exhibition that is currently on at The New Museum on the Bowery (I happens to say "Hell Yes" outside and my son seems to think that's pretty funny). The exhibit is Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty and it offers a family kit with questions for kids that will help them think like the artist like "if you blew up something in your home to bigger than life size what would it be?"... don't miss it!

We wanted to get home for a Christmas party that we were supposed to go to in Rhode Island and we had drifts of snow in our driveway that were up to my hips! Instead of a party we spent four hours shoveling out..ha! But it was beautiful and the kids had a blast, by the morning our son had dug a trench all the way around our house for our new dog (now all he can do is run the circle around the house!).

It's so exciting to have a white Christmas... I just wanted to share a bit of winter, blizzard and snow.