the swimsuit issue!

I know that many of you are going away for the holidays or just there afterward so I thought it was a good time to mention a swimsuit -- which I think is THE swimsuit I have always been looking for, funny I was looking in the wrong places, like the second-hand clothing shops! And there it was, someone told me she had just bought this swimsuit, the description was just too close to my dream suit, then I went to the website of 'Mama Maria'! Her inspiration is obvious, 1950's film stars.

(kids version too!)

Even if you are not in the market for a new swimsuit you must check out her website. This Amsterdam foxy lady knows a swimsuit when she see's one, or should I say creates one! I think that some of you will think that these are vintage but I assure you they are a classic look in modern fabrics--I think that sounds just about perfect. You can get a swimsuit for yourself and your little one too! (somehow when it's a swimsuit I don't mind this idea!) Mama Maria has some great tricks up her sleeve and her suits are really the bomb!

She makes these delightful swim caps that are too much fun! I remember having one that was orange and pink, and I am sure that my mom had this white one!

click here to visit her website - Mama Maria!
(the suits are made in the Netherlands but you can purchase from her website)