in 17 years what will you be doing....

17 years....???

At Christmas my friend Tina said "We have known each other for 17 years, did you ever imagine this is what we would be doing 17 years ago?" Well ever since she said this it's been on my mind and I have been thinking, hhhmmm 17 years from now...??

I don't often make New Years resolutions, but I do like the idea of thinking about what I will be doing in the next five years.. at least! and then of course once you have the direction of five years, the 17 comes easier. It's a good exercise to get yourself ready for the coming year.

I just saw the movie "It's Complicated" and in 17 years... this wouldn't be so bad, lovely children (almost adults by then),
beautiful bakery, AMAZING home, look as superbly wonderful as Meryl Streep, a husband (okay he is an 'ex' but anyway) AND an architect boyfriend... yes, this is sounding like something I would be interested in but maybe in more like... 10 years...

All jokes aside, Good luck and I hope that you come up with something GOOD! Shoot for the moon!