Len Cabral - storyteller

I am on the 'culture committee' at my sons school, it's nice to be a part of the school and it's a bit of involvement but not too much AND I like to see what we can get as far as some fun acts and music into his school. A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Len Cabral come and share his particularly exciting storytelling, it was WONDERFUL! If you need anything like this at your kids school or event, the kids were mesmerized by Len's stories he is very charming with the kids and they were entranced (and so was I!). He had the kids screaming and helping him tell the stories together with him and everyone had so much fun.

We split up our rather small school into two groups with K-2 in one group and 3-5 in the other, this way Len could tell stories that were appropriate for each and I can tell you I stayed for both and loved them, the teachers loved it and our principle was ecstatic! He will have you laughing and cheering for the spider to pull down the sky with her web and in the next story you are on the edge of your seat when he tells his own delightful stories of ice skating and hot potatoes! He is wonderfully charismatic and I love how he pulls a story out of the smallest things and makes it enrapturing for kids.

Len Cabral is a Rhode Island Storyteller but he travels the world sharing his stories with kids and adults!

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