Sweden's green diaper rebate!

The cloth vs. disposable diaper debate can go on and on and on but this story kind of made things more clear for me and I hope that they will for you too. I found this story at the wonderful blog Treehugger (I read it weekly!), it appears that Sweden is going to make history in the cloth diaper debate, a cloth diaper company called Imse Vimse (I think that's as in "imsy vimsy spider went up the water spout.."!). At issue here is that disposable diapers use as much as three times the natural resources as cloth diaper. So from a carbon input standpoint (as diaper have to go in the trash rather than compost) cloth diapers win!

Imse Vimse says parents should get their rebate when the go to buy (hopefully organic) cloth nappies. The green diaper subsidy motion, which hasn't yet made it through the Swedish parliament, states that each family would receive the subsidy immediately on purchases of cloth diapers or cloth diaper supplies of $140 or more. Since the Swedish government has already paid out over US$69 million in green car subsidies (the regular subsidy ended earlier than proposed this summer, cut city subsidies remain in place), Imse Vimse said the the $7 million for green diapers is a good investment.

good luck Sweden and we hope they set an example for the rest of the world.. Obama what do you think about cash-for-poopies!? (you KNOW your kids would laugh at that if they could read it!)

The photo above is of babies in Imse Vimse cloth diapers!