Biodegradable shoes!?

On the green shoe front there hasn't been much news... organic cotton - check... naturally harvested latex - check... vegan shoes - check... now Simple shoes has come up with biodegradable shoes! I love the idea and then I went to look at the shoes and they looked great too!! (check!)

I carry Veja fair trade sneakers in my store and I love them! I don't think that there is much in the kids options for this kind of shoe so I am proud to have them on Nonchalant Mom. The adult ones are amazing as well! But the carbon footprint of importing them from Brazil is a killer... It's hard to wind everything into a tight little package, so we do our best!

Simple shoes has come up with a line for Spring 2010 called BIO-D, their first collection of biodegradable footwear -- outsoles and midsoles break down to dirt in a landfill environment in 20 years! I love that...what a great idea! the footwear is made with sustainable materials: hemp uppers, recycled car tire bottoms, organic cotton linings, recycled plastic bottles (PET) shoe laces and foot beds, and water-based glues. I think these are all good ideas AND they look terrific! so I have no need for new shoes and I will be waiting for Simple's new BIO-D line!

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