DREAM Transport

the Workcycle

My husband and I remind each other all the time about getting around on bikes - especially after my first visit to Amsterdam a few years ago. When we lived in NYC, even against the odds, we used to bike everywhere (not so wise with the kids though). It's a dream of ours then and now - particularly since the bike of choice around where we live is usually either an off-road type or a racing bike. Our area is not made for cruising into town for shopping..... and that makes me rather sad. Nonetheless, a girl can dream, right?

The Bakfiets Model (just LOVE that weather cover above)

So, my eyes brightened when our friend Rachel at Hand Made Charlotte spotted some bikes recently and shared them with us. I allowed myself several minutes to dream about cruising around town with one of these bikes and the kids.... groceries in tow! I'd be in the fresh autumn air, huffing and puffing to get to cruising speed! But, for now, that's where it stays - only a dream.

But, since I'm dreaming I'd like to tell you which one I've had my eye on for some time. I'd start with the Bakfiets version (though my kids are both pretty much beyond that one now) just because I've always thought it looked so nicely designed and efficient. Later (which would be right about now) I'd opt for the 3-seat Workcycle with the kids on back. Or, if I was feeling particularly daring (hoping the kids would help peddle this foot powered limousine) I'd definitely go for the multi tandem version of the Onderwater...... how FUN that would be with the kids out front. I can just imagine the nightmare that would create on our town's Main Street - you know what they say about us Rhode Island drivers.....hmmm. My husband and I, for the longest time, tried to think we could compromise by at least just getting the cool saddle bags for the back of our existing bikes.... but deep down we knew they wouldn't be put to use as much as we might hope. Either way, if you've got the kind of environment friendly enough for these beauties, and the spare cash to plop down for the privilege then I strongly suggest you go for it! 

the  Onderwater Tandem

Thanks to Rachel for brightening up my day. And, if any of you are already using these bikes, please let me know (with a pic too) so I can salivate at your good fortune for being able to do so! You know I'd be soooooo jealous. For more images and ideas, you can check out the bikes on Dutch Bike Seattle for a good start.