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I like to write a bit about each of the new collections that I carry at Nonchalant Mom, I also like to give you a bit of variety in my introductions. In introducing our new collection Milo' (unique kids sweaters) I would like to share with you a little information directly from Mireia Lopez, who is from Spain, and who asked me to correct her English but I am going to leave it directly in her language. I worked with Italians for many years and I feel that they, like the Spanish, actually come up with better 'descriptives' (that are not necessarily 'correct' English) but tell us more about the subject than if I would use 'English', so I hope that you agree and delight in our wonderful information from Mireia. I asked her to talk about food, daily life, traveling and any remedies that she likes to use. Mireia does not have kids and I think it's nice to get this perspecitve and I really loved what she had to say and I hope that you will too! I found so much of it to be very helpful and inspiring!

"At home we always use herbs, olive oil, and garlic for most of our dishes, which goes back to the way I grew up in Barcelona. Fresh herbs and Olive oil, is a must in my kitchen. Try the boring steam vegetables: green beans and potato, using 1 chopped slice of garlic,1 bay leave, 2 Thyme small strings, salt and olive oil in the water while steaming (not boiling) the vegetables…. When you are serving, add a bit of the water (one spoon) olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. You will notice the different and it is so simple.

One of my favorites to use in meats, poultry, mushrooms and all legumes like chickpeas is Rosemary, not only for its antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. and many more properties… but also for the delicious smell and taste to many dishes. As well used in Mediterranean cooking. There are so many things you can cook using rosemary. One tip: not recommended to eat it fresh, as is very perfumed, unless you are serving it in a rosemary gin tonic!! I am not a big fan of gin, but people like it. There is a cooking book I would like to share for those interested in cooking with herbs,
- The herbal Kitchen, by Jerry Traunfeld.

My favorite summer dish is gazpacho and…. I try many different recipies from hot restaurants but the best of the best is the unpretentious dads recipe…. My dad is always in charge of gazpacho!! It is very nutrient and healthy!! I use the vegetables from the local farmers market and it makes a huge difference. I found that summer cold soups can be very helpful in busy working live styles, since you can storage in them in the refrigerator for a whole week. During summer I always prepare Vichyssoise and gazpachos…. They are live savers!!
And during winter…any type of soup!!!

For breakfast I stick with fresh organic yogurt, fresh fruit, or dry cramberries, almonds, flax seeds and whole-wheat cereals. And I cut my coffee drinking to one small cup of coffee in the morning.

As we hear some old school tricks that will be unthinkable now days…. for its controversy. I grew up been the result of one and with no adult consequences. Now, I will not use it on my own kids, just in case, but I think is funny and unusual. As a kid, some times I will be treated at my grandmothers house with “Pa vi i sucre”….. Translated from Catalan language it means; a slice of a (baguette) bread socked in red wine and sugar, it is soooo good. I can only imagine how the snack will relax me and put me to bed in two seconds!! Do not be worry… I have never been a drinker!! But I enjoy a glass of good wine for dinner once and a while. My grandmother lived and dyed in Barcelona city at 86 and has never been in the doctor…. she was not a traditional grandmother, very ahead of her time…even more than younger generations. Imagine a woman in the 40’s in the Spanish dictatorship riding in a motorcycle and dancing tangos. Well my grandmother also lived very naturally…. She use to eat seeds (bird food as she call it) and swallow half of a garlic clove every morning, as she used to say: the body does not build resistance to the garlic, as antibiotic drugs does….. even before she dyed she was still walking 2 hours a day and quiet fast too.

I am lucky enough to cut all my business traveling to twice a year and only to one location…. my childhood city… but it does not matter where I go, really, I am still visiting, so I always packed very light since my laptop, documents and samples take the most of my packing space. One thing I love about traveling to Europe in general is the pharmacies and the pharmacists; they are so helpful and knowledgeable!!! Not to mention the great skin, mouth, and hair etc etc products they have, so there for I do not take anything that I can buy there…. And always bring back home some goodies. Ask a pharmacist and they will help you to find what do you need, they are very professional!!

One thing give me a huge peace of mind is to know that if you ever get sick in Europe, there will be a doctor on call to come over to your hotel room with free medication in hands. It happens to me few times, for example in Paris, I got so sick at night with a stomach virus…. Well, I call the reception and in 15 minutes a doctor came over with medicine safe for pregnant women…just in case I was…. What a great precaution… he gives me an injection, medicine prescriptions and free medicine enough for 4 days!! It did not cost me a dime; I gave him only a tip that I had to insist strongly for him to be accepted…. I did ask what will cost me if I had an American passport, since my long time partner travel with me sometimes, and the answer was 20 euros only for paperwork fees. Same thing if we walk to any emergency room in a hospital. Because I was too sick to walk to a hospital, they come over to me!!

So…. I always thing that if I was traveling especially with kids…. It will be one thing I will always be most concern… how is their health system, professionals, hospitals etc…. anything can happen to you or your family at any moment….. and what a peace of mind to know they have great doctors and it will not ruin your bank account!!

When not traveling for business I choose retreats spots to unwind…
My favorite vacation spot is Menorca…an islands of Spain, it is next to Ibiza and Mallorca…. But much more quiet, Menorca can be seen by car in one day, it has small fishermen villages, the food is fresh and cheap, we eat a lot of fish and seafood but also the lamb and rabbit are a must try in Menorca. One time we step in to a bar/restaurant only because we could smell the tomatoes from the outside… yes, I am not kidding, Menorca is the type of island where they grow their own food. Skip the port more touristy restaurants and go inland… ask locals. “Cala mitjana” is one of the protected super small beaches, that I would like to keep as a secret, but again it is protected so… we all are limited and I am glad about that.
It only cost around 15 euros per car (not person) for maintenance and only 6 cars are allowed a day…. The water is clear turquoise… and only birds can be hear…. A paradise. When I think about the expensive Long beach in NY!! $10 x person!!
In Menorca or Spain in general you can look into renting a rustic vacation house instead of hotels…. hope you are lucky to spot an old house or as locals call it “Masia” they are made with solid stone. Specially traveling with a larger group and or with kids I found it to be more comfortable and less touristy… some have cleaning services as well and most of time you will have your own backyard….

I forgot to mention, I love vintage toys and when I visit Barcelona, I always go to Sagarra. It is situated in the best antique shops area, in the Gothic quarter, they specializes in toys from the 30s to 70s, it is like a small curiosity shop, they have books, puppets, robots…. It is a great store if you are in Barcelona."

by Mireia Lopez - Milo'

Thank you so very much Mireia for sharing your wonderful life with us and I hope that you all learned something!