ladies afternoon at nonchalantmom was fun!

Last week I had a ladies afternoon at Nonchalant Mom and it was great to see everyone AND it was fun for me to set up my store for the event! I have a lot of jewelry at this moment and I had a good time coming up with a display for it all! It ended up like a gallery and it looked great! I focused on more of my womens lines just to keep in theme with a Ladies Afternoon! So I had Matta, Layla, Aleishall Girard Maxon, Lucky Fish (trunk show!), Robin Mollicone, and more...

Robin Mollicone made some special pieces just for the event...some elegant single strands of her tiny, tiny beads in beautiful Fall colors and also some silver strands. I will take photos soon and put some online for all to see (they should be online next week)!

Lucky Fish sent over some one-of-a-kind t-shirts for women that we all went wild for... and we all got into it, finding our favorites! Like I said, these are all unique pieces so some of the combination's are crazy... but crazy in a good way and I love them! I got quite a few emails from people that were not able to come but wanted to see Jann's t-shirts so I have taken photos of some of my faovorites and they will be online this weekend. We are going to try this on-line trunk show for two weeks and see how it goes.... and if it works... who knows!!?? we may do it again!

Aleishall Girard Maxon with her delightful creations were a big hit! Her one of a kind art-necklaces created quite a stir and its honestly hard not to fall in love with them! I feel like they hit your heart and it's hard to say no! Aleishall works as an artist and creates her jewelry as a collection of pieces, for the collection she made for Nonchalant Mom I asked her to think about Swedish folk patterns and colors and she executed it amazingly! You can see them online at my website.

Matta was able to get us some of their lovely dupatta shawls! I love them and the colors look beautiful! I have added them online for you as well... as I was breezing through the new Lonny magazine I saw an image of Deborah Needleman wearing one of the Matta dupatta scarves... there you go and she looks terrific! (she is wearing the rasberry color)

New to Nonchalant Mom and arrived just in time for the event is Atsuyo et Akiko! They are two lovely Japanese women who create really sweet accessories for kids, just like a flourescent fairtale there are bunnies, sheep and lots of fun little objects. They make necklaces and hair pieces as well, just those fun little things that kids love! (I say kids, not just girls, because boys love the necklaces too with feathers or keys...) This collection should be online this weekend too!

So page through the website and you will see that many of the things we brought in for the Ladies Afternoon are now on Nonchalant Mom -- we have done our best to bring our Ladies Afternoon to you too!

Thank you everyone for stopping in and having some fun with us!
(-sorry can't bring you the sangria and snacks!)