Goodbye Cookie magazine! ..hello Lonny!

Can you believe it.. how can they do this to us!! what's left to read!? Conde Naste announced on Monday that Cookie, Modern & Elegant Bride and Gourmet magazines will be closing... First we lost Blueprint, then Domino and now Cookie! I'm so sad... but I feel that Pilar Guzman is so very talented she is going to show up somewhere, doing something interesting and as they say this could lead to something new and better! Let's just hope!

In the meantime I found an online magazine called Lonny, which I paged through the other day and there was Deborah Needleman from Domino featured in her new life and passion.. gardening! It is a terrific read, a little bit Domino but it really has a look of it's own! You can click on an image in the magazine and it will tell you where you can purchase the item online.. how about that! So I am welcoming this new online publication and I am still trying to get over not laying in bed at night with a magazine to help me fall alseep.... but maybe change is good!

view Lonny magazine online here