nina in vorm

I jumped for joy when I found these wonderful plates on one of my favorite blogs "Bloesem" (by Irene Hoofs). Nina in vorm is also from the Netherlands, she makes these recycled plates by hand and transforms vintage patterns into something very, very special! I love her modern look and if you need that something special, for that someone special (and you have the time because you have thought about this beforehand... ) these are PERFECT!

visit her website/etsy shop to see more wonderful images!


Jennifer said...

i'm drooling over the abacus and those little oliphants!

nonchalant mom said...

thank you for your comment jennifer! those oliphants are from present and correct a british website that I have written about before, they have wonderful vintage objects (lots of desk stuff...) do a search in my blog and you will see the post about them! they are wonderful! - carina