Some Vintage Inspiration

Designed by Jean Prouvé in 1952

I love... no, I LOVE looking for great finds. My preference is perusing flea markets - and I'm not bothered to have to travel a pretty fair distance just to have a look around. In the 90's, when I lived in San Francisco while working for Espirit, I used to frequent a flea market just over the Golden Gate bridge on Sundays. I'd find some great stuff. I was just thinking of this because I was looking at some things that Rachel had posted over at Hand Made Charlotte recently - aren't they all beautiful objects? She has a good eye for such things apparently, and in this case I didn't have to waste a long hot journey in the car to enjoy looking at them.... especially with the kids in tow! Thanks Rachel. 

Designed in 1975 by Luigi Colani for the German company Elbro, “Rappelkiste” is made from beech and plywood

Gilbert Rohde Playpen Crib, displayed at the 1933-34 World’s Fair, Chicago

Bent steel and aluminum bicycle by Jean Prouvé, circa 1941

Designed in 1972 by Roger Landault and manufactured b7 Cattaneo in Italy