new on nonchalant mom - nico nico

I just added a new collection to Nonchalant Mom and it is called Nico Nico. I fell in love with this collection instantly and when I got to know the woman behind Nico Nico better the whole collection just got better! Nico Nico comes from the familiar base story, "when I had kids I realized that there weren't the kinds of things out there that I wanted my kids to wear" but very seldom is the result as well thought out and pulled together as Nico Nico.

Sue Tsai started Nico Nico together with her friend Momo but is now continuing on her own, she has a background in Design, but it may be from her work as a stylist in Los Angeles that she honed her eye for details that make her collection incredibly comfortable, soft and extremely cool! She tells me that she feels that it's the flat lock stitch that really worked for her and cinched the deal for her collection Nico Nico. She goes on to explain "I love simple colors but always love a splash of color in the graphic or the way the outfit is put together. I keep the palate very simple- it's great when layered. Children's clothes that I LOVED were one of two things- too expensive or the designs and cuts were wrong." I think she is right, how many times have you seen kids t-shirts with giant wide cut arms, now what kid have you ever seen with anything other than tiny little arms! and expensive, I know a bit about that... it's really hard to find something that is well designed and priced right and produced with a conscience -- Sue was certain that if she made anything for kids is had to be organic, and I think she executed it all perfectly! I LOVE Nico Nico and I hope you do too!

Thank you Sue and we look forward to seeing a lot more from you here at Nonchalant Mom!

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