favorite thing of the week -- Olivia!

I know we are not the only ones who live far away from family and relatives, and we do think that it takes a village! ...or lots of cousins, friends and family!

Let me explain, It started early on when we lived in New York City. It was very easy then to entice my Swedish cousins to come here to help us out...I mean what's better than a visit to New York and helping out with the kids. It may be called an Au pair but when it's family it's really great. Recently we had my husbands niece visiting for a month from California -- it's good for everyone, the kids get to hang out a bit with their cousins and it's a lot of fun spending more time with family. It occurred to me recently that the people around us don't do this, so either we are crazy or maybe it's a good idea!

Olivia has been here for a more than a month from Southern California, playing with the kids, going on some goofy trips with us and hanging out at the beach.... In the past we have had my cousins visit from Sweden doing the same, the kids have been exposed to a bit of a creative Swedish spirit and my cousins have been able to get the feeling of living here in the USA (they are only allowed to stay for three months, but that's just enough time to get to know each other! and maybe come back the next summer!! ha!)

I guess this also works for our family since we are just about the last to have kids on both sides of our family so we have family that is just about the ripe age for helping out. What could be more fun!

If you have a good way that your family helps out, share it with us in the comments section! You never know who you are going to give some great ideas to and if we all share with each other, your ideas will just grow and grow.