road tripping - here we go!!

We are about to take off on our road trip to Minnesota, I hope to be blogging along the way so follow along with us and we will give you all of the woderful, or greuling, details! Unfortunately we didn't have time to plan a whole lot about this trip except for the route. Our first stop is going to be Montreal... we should be there just about on Monday and Tuesday, so if you have anything you feel that we can't miss please make a comment below and let us know about it!! (we need your help!)

After Montreal it's onto Thunder Bay and then somewhere in between the two... so please give us a heads up if there is anything we need to see, somewhere we need to stay (actually we need campground information... we are tenting it!), or any kind of food that we need to eat!

And don't worry about shopping on Nonchalant Mom, Julie is working hard at sending out orders while I am gone, she is amazing and on top of it all... who needs me anyhow!