Back To School Ideas: the Packed Lunch

Last year at some point, I remember packing the kids their lunch box and I got to thinking about how much the way I packed the lunch might not be so great. I'd given a lot of thought to what went into the lunch box, meaning I chose the foods I put in carefully - even the snack. But, I had not really noticed how I was actually packing the lunch in the box. I was using plastic containers for the main course, fruit, and snack which was OK. But, often, in the beginning I would put a juice box in, or yogurt container. This doesn't seem like a big deal when you're packing your child's lunch early in the morning, but if you multiply this by all the other mothers (and fathers) doing this on a daily basis, it starts to add up to a lot of waste. And, the funny thing is, it really doesn't require much change to make a difference.

graze organic

So, I was excited to see the ideas that I saw on Wise Craft the other day. I loved how simple the ideas were, and how effective they would be. Plus, the designs are pretty fun and 'feel good'. The one I think I'm going to get this year are the organic reusable sandwich and snack bags offered by graze organic. I just love the fun graphics, and the whole process of manufacture is accountable and environmentally friendly. The other idea is to make your own reusable sandwich wraps from material that is much more effective and environmentally effective. On the website that offers the tutorial for making your own reusable sandwich wraps, betz white, there is also some statistical information and tips available to remind yourself why it might be important to consider scrapping the use of disposable plastic bags, juice boxes, and other wasteful containers. I remember that my mother used to wrap my sandwiches in a cloth napkin.

betz white

As a convenience over the years, all of this wasteful rubbish has made it's way into our everyday lives very effortlessly. It's time to take a closer look at the stuff we take for granted each morning. And, the above ideas are just a few simple ways to make a BIG change! Anyway, it's certainly easier than getting the kids to eat a banana/peanut butter sandwich!

I'm going to try the reusable bags, and continue what I started last year - using a thermos for drinks instead of juice boxes. What about you, any other ideas for the packed lunch box?