my favorite thing this week - the loon!

While on our vacation here in Minnesota I remembered how wonderful is the call of the Loon! It happens to be the Minnesota state bird. Before we went on our trip we checked out the call on You Tube and I let the kids hear the beautiful sound and they loved it. When we arrived up at Burntside Lake we instantly heard one and the kids went wild. My friend Patty said that she feels that kids can make the Loon call better than adults and I think she was right! The kids just picked up the sound and we had a great time with it!

It was so beautiful to sit and eat dinner outside and then hear the call and we all went quiet and listed to see where the Loon was... if it was nearby... and if we could catch a glimpse! In the morning it was particularly beautiful to wake up to the sound...

Thank you Loon for making our trip just that much more magical!

(in the image above the Loon carries her baby on her back! -- I love that!)