permanent vacation

Tina Lutz and I have been friends for many years, crossing paths and living in each others cities since we met at Esprit in the 80's in San Francisco. Then when we bought our home up here in Rhode Island I heard that Tina and her husband Justin were also looking for a 'summer place' up here. Well low and behold we are now neighbors! It's a little crazy... Their beautiful 'summer house' that has now become their permanent home was just written up in Cookie Magazine! It's such a beautiful home, so comfortable and at ease, it has this special trick of never looking messy! (maybe it's her german roots that gave her the idea to create ingenious storage in just about every room!)

You can see for yourself her effortless style, which also comes through in her eponymous collection
Lutz & Patmos which is filled with luxury sweaters that she and her friend/partner Marcia Patmos have created. If you want to find something incredibly well constructed and designed visit her website to find beautiful sweaters for the coming fall season!

It's so much fun to have a neighbor that's inspring and as it happens her son Lou and Franny are pals as well! I hope Tina and Justins house will inspire you as well!

visit lutz & patmos here
or get the September issue of Cookie Magazine!